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Welcome to

Little World Learning Centre

A Global Experiential Preschool

Allowing children to learn, develop and shine with all their talents

Little World Learning Centre lives up to its motto with attention to detail, well-researched and specifically designed curriculum - handpicked toys, equipment, skilled faculties powered with expertise and experience.

Our Curriculum


language & literacy



Personal, social &
emotional development


the world


The 21st Century International Preschool

Focused on moral education and life skills making children independent & future-ready.

The unique and international curriculum at Little World is inspired by and an amalgamation of the best pedagogy and philosophies - American pedagogy, ‘Project Based Learning’, the Canadian, Alberta Kindergarten Program, Learning through nature (Reggio Emilia Approach) & Inquiry through play & hands-on experiences (Montessori approach)

Cambridge Affiliated Early Years Program

Personalised learning: 10:1 Child to Teacher ratio

Froebel-inspired toys-gifts for constructive play

Best-in-class Infrastructure

Hi-Tech Smart


Experienced, well-

-trained teachers

In-house Astroturf for all sports & fitness activities

Enrichment Programs for the differently-abled children as well as high ability learners

Concept related field trips and excursions

Why the best start to Learning is with us!

  • Can my child sit for Indian competitive exams after studying under the Cambridge or international curriculum?
    Absolutely. Students from LWLC are well-prepared to excel in Indian competitive exams. The Cambridge curriculum is comprehensive and designed to build a strong foundation in all subject areas. Additionally, we provide specific coaching and guidance to ensure our students are well-equipped to tackle these exams confidently.
  • Which educational board does LWLC follow and why?
    Little World Learning Centre is proudly affiliated with the Cambridge board, known for its holistic and inquiry-based approach to learning. We chose Cambridge for its global recognition and its commitment to developing learners who are confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, and engaged - equipped for success in the fast-changing modern world.
  • How does LWLC cater to the individual learning differences of each child?
    We recognize that each child is unique, with their own pace and style of learning. Our educators assess and appreciate these differences, creating customized learning plans that align with each child's strengths and areas for growth. This personalized approach ensures all students can achieve their full potential without being confined to a one-size-fits-all educational model.
  • Why is writing not recommended before the age of 6 at LWLC?
    At LWLC, we align with early childhood development research that suggests the fine motor skills required for writing develop naturally around the age of 6. Prioritizing premature writing can lead to frustration and a negative association with learning. Instead, we focus on pre-writing skills through play-based activities that foster a love for learning and creativity.
  • Why does LWLC emphasize small class sizes?
    Small class sizes are integral to our educational philosophy as they allow for individualized attention, tailored instruction, and a better understanding of each student's unique learning style. This approach not only enhances academic performance but also contributes to the long-term personal and social development of our students, preparing them for the diverse challenges of the future.
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